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Poster: garthus Date: Jan 8, 2010 6:08am
Forum: texts Subject: French Government to tax Google and the Internet

Internet Taxation as Economic Terrorism:

"One way to do that, it suggests, is offer youths a card for buying online music, which would be partly government-subsidized." (Article from French Government Proposal to tax the Internet).

So now we will have the government subsidizing which books, movies, and music that we may use. Re-read Bin Laden's Manifesto. This is exactly what he was talking about. The real terrorists are Western Governments such as France, England, and the United States; who while criticizing their so-called enemies; resort to the very tactics (albeit more sophisticated) which they refer to as Economic and Cultural terrorism. Where will it end; government subsidized works of art (as was done in Nazi Germany); or copyrights for so-called intellectual property which last forever. The money-centric scum which inhabit our governments and large Corporations will not rest until they have monopolized all possible means of extracting money and resources from the rest of us.